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Stammerer to Virtuoso Rapper – The Unparalleled Odyssey of Rappersania

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you RappErSaniA, the young man who went from being a stammerer to an amazing rapper.



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Finding Rappersania

Sometimes I struggle to pick a genre of music that I can say is swell, not because I am confused but because I came to the realization that no matter the genre, an artistic person’s ability to manipulate the rhythms with lyrics that exude superiority on all facets of producing music is what amounts to the eclectic feel that gives the swell notion.

As such, my constant quest to hear new material that will not just move my feet but set my mind on a spiralling journey in the savanna led me to a young and energetic man who is out to douce the minds of those enslaved by trends and trash music.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you RappErSaniA, the young man who went from being a stammerer to an amazing rapper.

Who is Rappersania?


A Gonja, born in Tamale on the 3rd of December 1992, Mumuni Mohammed Nazir now known by the stage name RappErSaniA spent almost all his life in in the Northern region where he went to Kalpohin Junior High School and eventually became the senior school prefect.

“Even though I was born a stammerer, I was determined to improve on my speaking ability because it sometimes took me several minutes to express myself with just a sentence. So, becoming the senior school prefect was a perfect situation that I could use to improve my speech.” He spoke.

Upon completing Junior high school he gained admission at the Tamale Senior High School to study general arts. This is where his love for rap as a teenager took a pivotal position in his life.

Growing up in a neighbourhood where Hip Hop had taken centre stage, it was regular to find youngsters slug it out in a couple of verses, and as the guy who represented his school in almost every rap competition and won, the urge to further prove superiority in the game amongst his peers pushed him to dig up the true meaning of hip-hop by paying closer attention to A-list hip-hop acts like Nas, and watching pro-hip hop videos, movies and subsequently choosing Nas as a Number one inspiration both in lyrics and his commitment to keeping hip-hop sane.

Honing the craft – Rappersania

Knowing the importance attached to the genre, he took to a regular routine of practicing, writing and re-writing his lyrics till he had what he refers to as “Flawless Rap Flow” something that influenced his journey into mainstream hip hop.

“I like to write about the society and its issues, so religion is not an exception. I’ll talk about it if I think there is the need for that”…. RappErSaniA

With a good number of unreleased original songs, he has done countless covers of amazing songs including “Beyond Practice” and “All of Me”, a cover of Jon Legend’s “All of Me” which he did for his female fans. When I asked him about why he puts so much lyricism on covers when he could do them as his own songs he had simply smiled and spoke.

“It is a sign of respect to the producer and artiste, and also just telling the world I could do fine like Nas. Besides covers have played instrumental roles in the careers of several chart-topping artistes. We all know how Kendrick Lemar rode on a Jay Z instrumental to become the new kid on the block. It’s not a requirement in hip-hop but its tool one can explore in a quest to attain global dominance”.

With the release of the aforementioned covers he decided to release “Mean Love” and “Nyura” featuring Kawastone, serving as teasers to his debut album.

To think that this gentleman would still be buried in stacks of hip hop albums is far from true because even though he reveres Nas, he listens to more Soul Music because he finds it soothing when he isn’t in his hip hop elements; and he has a soft spot for Asa, Sade, Adele and young Jhene Aiko.

“I’ve got a thing for Soul music you know, and I love Jazz too, my favourite is Fela Kuti. His skilful use of the saxophone endears him to me, and I admire his confidence considering the nature of politics in his time.”…He said.

The Future of Rappersania

On his future he had this to say.

“I have loads of tracks online and a full album waiting to be released. I’m also working on a ten-track Afro-Beats album. I thought of recording that album so people can see the versatility in skill when I switch between languages and rhythms.

Most of the tracks on the Afro-Beats album have me delivering mind blowing Dagbani verses interspersed with my regular flow in the queen’s language. Having shared stages with some of Ghana’s finest acts like Sarkodie, R2bees, 4×4 and rocked almost every major show that has happened in Tamale within the last few years, I feel I’m ready to fully grace the music scene with my art. This was re-enforced when Paedae “Omar Sterling” endorsed my art by saying “You are one hell of a writer”.

I’m relatively young but I think I’m ready for this journey. As an independent artiste the support from my team iRap, a group of talented youngsters in Tamale with an impeccable flow like me, the sky is just a helipad. Expect my first video in the next couple of weeks”.

RappErSaniA is currently studying Laboratory Science at the Advanced Global College in Tamale, he is poised to build a career that will make his stay in hip-hop relevant and impactful.

The Origin By Rappersania

Checkout Rappersania’s EP “The Origin” on SPotify

iRap to the world.

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