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Hajia Police Entreats Commitment to Ramadan with “Al Wakat”



Hajia Police

As a convention, Hajia Police has for the past few years blessed the Islamic Community and the general populace with Ramadan tunes and this year is no different. To help in the spiritual journey and to remind each and every Muslim of their sacred commitment and call to do good and provide for the less privileged; the Afro-Islamic Genre originator has employed the services of Mentor Winner, Lynx Entertainment Signee and 24thVGMA Unsung Nominee DSL.

The Best Ghanaian female motor rider Hajia Police once again updates our playlists with this lovely masterpiece titled Al Wakat (Ramadan). The song entreats all to pray, forgive, give, and observe the holy month of Ramadan. The track is available in all digital stores and is accompanied by a video.

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is one of the most sacred times for Muslims. During this month, Muslims observe a strict daily fast from dawn until sunset. They are not allowed to eat or drink, not even water, during these daylight hours; they also abstain from romance, sex and have to abstain from looking at the opposite sex lustfully. Fasting is a private act of worship engendering nearness to God, but it is also a form of spiritual discipline and a means to empathizing with those less fortunate.

Al Wakat (Ramadan) is about educating all on the importance of fasting not only during the month of Ramadan, but all through life. Fasting makes one holy and maintains a relationship with God.

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Dr Pushkin has teamed up with awe-inspiring colleague musicians to deliver a gift to fans in Accra. OFF GRID follows the successful release of Dr Pushkin’s Outlandish album earlier this year. After gifting fans in Austin Texas an impressive stage performance, the revered academic has partnered with some of Ghana’s finest vocalists and lyricists to bring a free event to fans.

The event will take place around East Legon in Accra, however, the venue would be announced to only fans who would attend. While the event is free, Fans can text or call 0244786862 to reserve a spot. Alternatively, fans who wish to attend can RSVP via this link RSVP to Attend Concert by OFF GRID | Hypeddit ( Remember, this one-in-a-lifetime free event is coming off on the 13th of May 2023, from 7 pm – 11 pm.

OFF GRID features eclectic musicians whose craft exudes the soul of society and creativity. All the artists are not just entertainers, but artists who confront society’s ills through music. The event will feature Teri Wiizi, Aphee, Ataman Nikita, Gold Ganq, Tradey, Kinelman, and Kwadjo SPiRi. The above will each take turns to mesmerize fans like never before.

Comedian Khemikal will also be there to moderate the event with his ever-intriguing humor. OFF GRID is definitely a night that will be filled with music, laughter, lots of drinks, and Khebab.

The idea behind  OFF  GRID stems from the relative uninterest in promoting some musicians by mainstream media. Cognizant of the fact that these musicians command cult listenership, Dr Pushkin together with the aforementioned desire to see a stage that would offer an alternative to music centered on trends. Dr Pushkin is hopeful of institutionalizing a night that celebrates rap music in Ghana. OFF GRID is simply a start and a test.

While featuring Afro-Pop, and some RnB, OFF GRID is centered on rap music.

Fans who wish to attend can RSVP via this link RSVP to Attend Concert by OFF GRID | Hypeddit ( .

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“From Fancy Gadam to Kawastone: The Top 10 Musicians from Northern Ghana You Need to Know”



Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana

Are you curious about the Top 10 Musicians from Northern Ghana with the largest social media following? Northern Ghana is a cultural hub with a rich musical heritage, and over the years, it has produced some of the most popular musicians in Ghana. This article will overview the Top 10 Musicians from Northern Ghana with the largest social media following. From Fancy Gadam to Kawastone, we will explore their backgrounds, styles of music, and key achievements. Join us as we dive into the vibrant music scene of Northern Ghana and discover what makes these musicians stand out from the crowd.


In recent years, the Northern Part of Ghana has produced some of the most popular musicians in Ghana. These musicians have gained national and international recognition for their unique sounds and powerful lyrics. Among these musicians, there are ten who stand out for their massive social media following, which has allowed them to connect with fans across the world and spread their music beyond the borders of Ghana.

Criteria used by #thesavannaonline to curate the Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana

Thesavannaonline Top 10 Musicians from Northern Ghana transcends the “Northern Region.” Its search included artists from the Upper East, Upper West, North East, and Savanna regions. Not based on a quota system, we have analyzed a large list of dominant artists from all the regions and arrived at the Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana. Our search for the Top 10 Musicians from Northern Ghana is not based on followers on personal profiles but solely on their social media page following. It doesn’t include the following on individual profiles. The list represents a summation of followers on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and YouTube channels. While most artists are on all 4 platforms, most are active and dominant on Facebook. The musical styles of the artists also vary; thus, an indication of variety, as opposed to a segregated genre. This article is a sequel to another on the impact of followers and how artists can maximize gains from a large following.

Who are the Top 10 Musicians from Northern Ghana with the largest social media following?

After analyzing lots of data to find the Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana, we arrived at the following. It is worth noting that we do not intend to disrespect any artist by this Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana list. We are simply presenting numbers available on their pages.

1 – Fancy Gadam (903,000)

Number 1 Fancy Gadam

At number 1 of the Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana is Fancy Gadam. Fancy Gadam rose to prominence when he filled the Aliu Mahama Studium in Tamale in 2016. He subsequently owned the record of filling venues by staging events around the Country, including Accra, the nation’s capital. He has thus far released several singles and 8 studio albums. Notable collaborations by this impressive performer include Best Friend ft Stonebwoy, My baby ft Mugeez (R2bees), Only You ft Kuami Eugene, Langalanga ft Mr. Eazi, Hook Up Girl ft Kwesi Arthur, Kofi Mole, & Colours Man. He has also worked on Juju ft Shatta Wale, Fara ft Kofi Kinaata, Customer ft Patoranking, M Missami Ft Mona 4Reall, and others. However, Total Cheat Ft. Sarkodie remains his biggest nationwide hit.

A Typical Fancy Gadam Event

Fancy Gadam did not come at the top of the Top 10 Musicians from Northern Ghana by dint of luck. He has received several nominations across Ghana and outside. Some, he has won, and others, he couldn’t convert. Despite several nominations in different schemes in Ghana, his three wins at VGMA 2017 and 2018 remain the most impactful. He was voted the VGMA New Artiste of the year in 2017. In 2018, he returned to the VGMAs and won Song of the Year and Hiplife Artiste of the year. The musician celebrated his 10th year as a mainstream musician in 2022 with a huge concert at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium.

His latest Music Video is Block and Delete.

Suffice it to say; his arch-rival made it to this Top 10 list.

2 – Wiyaala (800,000)

Number 2 of the Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana is Wiyaala. She is one of Ghana’s most energetic performers. Through the years, the Funsi-Based Ghanaian enigma has proven to be a thrill on every stage. Her mainstream career started with Touch My Body, a song that suggested a raunchy artiste in the making. However, she immediately strayed from that persona. She took on the character of an African Lioness whose sound is comparable only to greats like Youssou Ndour, Angelique Kidjoe, and Fella Kuti. Her prowess has been the soul-filled music she churns out and her impressive stagecraft. Often performing with a Live Band, she has mastered bringing something refreshing to each stage. 

Despite starting in the Upper West Regional Capital, Wiyaala had bigger dreams. Looking to establish a national career, she made the journey to Accra to audition for “Stars of the Future” and “Vodafone Icons (mixed Edition) .”When her group (Black and Peach) won the Vodafone ICONS mixed edition, she was set for the world of music. After releasing “Wonkoa” as a Band, she left the group and started a solo career. 


Wiyaala has released several singles with three Albums. Tuma, her first album, was released under Echoe Sounds in Wa. However, her albums “Wiyaala” and Sissala Goddess, were released under Djimba World Records, where she is currently signed. Her singles include Make Me Dance, Touch My Body, Village Sex, When The Lord Get Us Ready, and Africa, among others.

Beyond music, the ever-smiling creative has had a stint on TV and Film. 

Her Craft took her to the Hague African Festival in 2015 and the Afrikadey Festival in Canada. It has since been a barrage of festivals and exclusive performances worldwide. She’s performed at WOMAD UK, Shambala, Hull Freedom Festival, and several other international events. She also headlined the 15th London African Music Festival in 2017.

In 2018, Wiyaala was selected as one of BBC News’s “African Women We Celebrate.”

Even though she is an entertainer, Wiyaala uses her music and time to impact society. She has partnered on projects with UNICEF Ghana and the Government of Ghana in campaigns against child marriages, child poverty, and health and sanitation. 

3Music Awards in March 2021 recognized Wiyaala as part of the Top 30 Most Influential Women in Music. 

The very talented musician plays the Guitar. She currently lives in her Hometown, Funsi, where she has started several community projects to impact the lives of Children.

Musically, Wiyaala is the real-life Osibisa and Angelique Kidjoe in one body. 

Wiyaala Performing in Slovenia

She has won several Awards through this journey of music.

3 – Maccasio (489,700)

Number three on the Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana is Maccasio. Sherif Abdul Majeed, better known in music circles as Maccasio, is the most prominent rap artiste from the North of Ghana. Coming in at number 3, the rapper is entirely on the heels of his arch-rival Fancy Gadam. Maccasio is Tamale’s darling boy. His events are always as packed. He has ventured beyond Tamale and filled venues far away, including Accra. 

He burst onto the mainstream sometime in 2014 with his “Boussu” album. Even though the buzz was good for an upcoming artiste, his subsequent works would earn him a spot in music from Northern Ghana. His second album, “Oshihila Nkpe” (2015), furthered his quest to dominate. 

While preparing his third album, his rivalry with Fancy Gadam hit a crescendo. Fans were at each of both artists taunted each other. While Fancy Gadam’s fans suggested Maccasio could never fill the stadium, Maccasio’s fans thought otherwise. Eventually, Maccasio’s Peace Concert settled the score as the event in August 2016 was well attended by almost 20000 fans. Later in 2017, Maccasio again chose the same venue for his 2017 “Ninsala” album launch. He then dubbed the event “The Too Big Concert.” At the said event, King Maccasio, as some fans call him, brought in Shatta Wale as a gift to fans. As expected, the stadium was filled. The pretty boy rapper then marshalled his fans for the “Northern Explosion Concert” in Accra. It became the event that cemented his stature as the biggest rapper from the North of Ghana. This feat brought Maccasio to the limelight across Ghana. And his music began to spread. 

In 2019 and 2022, Maccasio released “Zero to Hero” and “Glory” albums, respectively. Colossal launch events at the ALiu Mahama Sports Stadium characterized the two releases. 

Maccasio has an impressive list of singles. The rapper has released Pad Featuring Morgan, Dagomba Girl Featuring Mugeez of R2Bees, Too Big Ft. Shatta Wale, Inside Featuring Zeal (of VVIP), and Work Ft. Kofi Kinaata. He has also released Make Am Ft. Shatta Wale, Ninsala, 69 Fans, Mma Ft. Ahmed Adams, That Girl Ft. Patapaa, and Lyrical Stamina Ft. Stone Brain, among several songs. 

Undoubtedly, Macassio has given Fancy Gadam a good run for the money and fame; however, the numbers we pulled from their social media accounts have placed the Ruler ahead of the King.

4 – Teflon Flexx (131,815)

Number four of the Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana is Teflon Flexx. Born Akaateba Christopher Akanvarichaab, Teflon Flexx is Number 4. The young musician, who hails from Wiaga in the Upper East Region, rose to prominence with the release of No Foreplay in 2018. He later moved from his base in Tamale to explore promotional opportunities in Accra. 

While in Accra, he churned out several singles that caught mainstream media’s attention. After releasing several singles, his first EP, Village Boy In Suit, set the next level for the fast-rising Afro Pop star. 

Teflon Flexx subsequently scored several mainstream features with artists like Medikal, Kelvyn Boy, Tulenkey, and Dope Nation. He also worked with Maccasio, Fad Lan, Mani Mandela, Rockcity, and others from the North of Ghana. 

By dint of hard work, Teflon FLexx emerged as VGMA Unsung Artiste for the year 2020. He has since released several singles with an impressive audience appeal. Even though he currently lives in Accra, he shuttles between the North and South of Ghana to push his music. 

He has 2 EPs and several explosive singles to his credit. 

Aside from being impressive with music, his fashion sense remains enviable. 

5 – Wiz Child (91,208)

Wiz Child is number five on the Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana. Ahmed Mohammed Basir, known in music circles as Wiz Child, is a Ghanaian musician based in Tamale, the capital city of the Northern Region of Ghana. He is known for his unique style of music, which blends traditional Ghanaian sounds with modern influences. Wiz Child has released several songs and has gained a following in Ghana and beyond. Some of his famous songs include “Munla,” “Talanku,” and “Sapashini.”
Wiz Child has also released several singles and featured on various songs with other artists. Some of his most famous collaborations include “Karimizik” with Ataaka and “Dab” with Maccasio. Additionally, Wiz Child has a strong presence on social media, where he frequently shares updates on his music and performances.

In 2021 he was voted the overall artiste of the Year at the Northern Entertainment Awards.

His latest song is Samba.

6 – Kawastone (87,836)

Kawastone comes in at number 6 of the Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana. Kawastone is one half of the defunct group Blackstone. The two are credited with being an integral part of establishing HipLife in the North of Ghana.

He began his music career in the early 2000s when his group released “Fe Ma No” and “N’Yura,” which remain iconic in the hiplife discourse. Kawastone, also known as Mohammed Abdul Rashid Kawawa, has released infectious music over the years. His ability to blend in with the trends and stay relevant has continued his music career for ages. He doubles as a radio/TV Presenter.

His most recent song is Pretending.

7 – Fad Lan (85,987)

Coming in at Number 7 of the Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana is Fad Lan aka the Young Bull. Fad Lan is a Ghanaian rapper and musician known for his unique blend of traditional Ghanaian music and contemporary hip-hop. He was born in the Northern Region of Ghana and grew up in Tamale. Fad Lan started his music career around 2014 and has since released several songs and albums that have gained popularity in the Northern Region of Ghana.
Fad Lan’s music is known for its fusion of traditional African sounds, especially those of the Dagbamba ethnic group, with modern hip-hop beats and rhythms. His music addresses social and political issues affecting his community, and his lyrics are often in the Dagbani language. Some of his famous songs include “Din’kaa” and “Jungle,” both of which have received significant airplay and popularity in Northern Ghana.
Fad Lan is also known for his energetic live performances. He has collaborated with other famous Ghanaian artists such as Fancy Gadam, Teflon Flexx, and Maccasio, and his music continues to gain popularity among music fans in Ghana and beyond.
Iddrisu Maltiti Fadlan

The musician is set to release a 4 Track EP titled “Game Over” on the 28th of February.
His last released song is “Amazing.”

8 – Ataaka (64,040)

Number 8 of the Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana is Ataaka aka Rap John Cena. Ataaka is a Tamale-based rapper who has proven to be a force. Regarded as one of the best rappers in Ghana, Ataaka continues to trend with his annual Review of happenings in the Northern Region through music.
Even though the rapper is not the most popular in the region, his relevance is not to be downplayed. He featured Sherifa Gunu on Batoro, a song that remains evergreen.

Some of his most famous songs are “Ojoebo,” “Akye Saa,” “Wumbee So,” and “Pimpi No.”

His most recent song is 2022 Review.

9 – Sherifa Gunu (59,817)

Sherifa Gunu, aka Mama Africa, is number 10 of the Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana. Sherifa Gunu is number 9 on our list of Top 10. As an artist, she incorporates elements of traditional African wear and dances to give a thrill. Aside from her powerful vocals, her astonishing stagecraft remains her Forte. A typical SHerifa Gunu song is a fusion of traditional Ghanaian music with Modern Afro-pop.

Sherifa transitioned to music after winning the Northern Regional Dance Championship in 1998. She has since graced several stages, both in Ghana and abroad.

Some of her popular releases are; “Mbrantie,” “Salma,” and “Kelewele.” She has worked with artists like Sarkodie, Kuami Eugene, and Stonebwoy.

The musician has also received several awards and nominations in Ghana and internationally. These include;

Best Female Vocal Performance at the Ghana Music Awards (2008)
Best Traditional Artiste of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards (2011)
Best Music Video at the Ghana Music Awards (2012)
Best Female Vocal Performance at the Ghana Music Awards UK (2018)

Aside from the above, she has been recognized at the Kora Awards, African Muzik Magazine Awards, and All Africa Music Awards, among others.

Sherifa Gunu’s music has also been featured in several popular Ghanaian films. She won the “Best Original Song Award” at the Ghana Movie Awards in 2011.

Her last release is Dokpeda featuring Ras Kuuku.

10 – Don Sigli (56,362)

The silky-voiced Don Sigli is number 10 on the Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana. Don Sigli is a talented singer and songwriter from the Northern Region. He has, through the years, carved a niche for himself with his soothing vocal performance. Influenced by RnB, the singer has, in turn, produced a sound that exudes traditional music from the Northern Region, Afro-Pop, and RnB. His mesmerizing stagecraft has also made him a favorite for people who love live performances.

He has several singles to his credit and remains one of the most respected singers from Tamale. Nsuhu Maya, Wumpini, and A Yi Bori Ma are among his most famous songs.

His last two Albums are Pagli, released in November 2020.

Wumpini is arguably Don Sigli’s most popular song.

11 – Soorebia (56,279)

We said Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana; however, there is number 11. Number 11 because, from our checks, Ataaka has two pages on Facebook. When the numbers are combined, he makes it to number 8; however, if it is just one page, he falls out of this list, making Soorebia Number 10.

In 2022, Martin Soore, known in music circles as Soorebia, dropped Bag of Rocks. It is an album that is inspired by the struggles he encountered as an emerging artist. The 3 Music Next Rated Artist of 2020 has been around for a while. His lyrical prowess and dexterous performance on all beats have earned him the respect of all who encounter him. Based and operating from the Upper East Region, the rapper has released several singles to the admiration of fans. The ability to thrill an audience who may not understand his native language, Gurune has set him apart from other rappers.

The rapper is credited with several singles and popular classics like Primus and Sunsure.

Aside from Bag of Rocks, his last significant release is titled “Keekee,” produced by Azkonnah.

Soorebia is set to host the second edition of his “Made in Bolga Festival.” Made In Bolga is an event that brings art, music, food, and fashion to the world from a Bolgatanga perspective.

You can check out one of Soorebia’s most famous songs below.

The above represents the Top 10 Musicians From Northern Ghana with an impressive following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube combined.

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Dr. Pushkin’s ‘Forgive Them’: A Inspirational Journey of Self-Belief and Empowerment”




Forgive Them by Dr. Pushkin features Aggie, a Texas-based American rapper. The song is more of a story an overcomer with a pure heart would chant. While being people, we often misunderstand ourselves to be God. But, when we acknowledge our beliefs by appreciating what we can and what we can’t do, in the sincerest of prayers, we would ask God to show mercy on all who have offended us. Expressing thoughts like the above in music, particularly rap, has always placed the genre at the front of activism.

Forgive Them By Dr Pushkin

Being different has always come with being unappreciated, unwanted, and sometimes outright hatred. However travailing it may seem, as we desire to break through in life, the results can be most fulfilling. Forgive them By Dr. Pushkin is an expression of how he overcame the stereotypes, bullying, and several human attitudes that could have tampered with his views on life. However, like the good adage, “make lemonade when lemons are thrown at you,” the rapper has gone on to win for himself in several spaces.

In all of the struggles, Dr. Pushkin, like most people, can know the very things people did, said, or wished for them. To avoid playing fake God, the Bonsam Mc rapper chose to offer a prayer for all naysayers.

As we grow and encounter the realities of life, we are faced with understanding detractors or paying back. But “Forgive Them” by Dr. Pushkin reminds us that we cannot waste energy on hate; we should win by chasing for us.

Once again, conscious rap scores a mark as music truly exudes a message for listeners.

The music video for Forgive Them By Dr. Pushkin was Directed and Edited by Directed & Edited by Daniel Castillo, one of the finest music video Directors in Texas. It featured Ghana’s own Budukusu in some scenes.

If you can’t forgive, ask God to Forgive Them. This song is from the Outlandish Album released on the 26th of January 2023.

Stream the entire Outlandish Album below.


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