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Here is what Comedian Khemikal said at #OFFGRID



What Event Did Comedian Khemikal Speak at?



#OFFGRID is a musical event organized by Dr. Pushkin, a conscious Ghanaian Rapper based in Texas, USA. The event was staged at East Legon in Accra.  Headlined by Dr. Pushkin, several other musicians showed up to support the event with performances. Each performer had 15 minutes to thrill the audience who came from all over Accra to enjoy the evening. However, the main act Dr. Pushkin thrilled the audience with energetic performances for a whole hour.

Dr Pushkin & Ataman Nikita at #OFFGRID

Aphee, Teri Wiizi, Kwadjo Spiri, Tradey, Gold Ganq, Nikita Ataman, Kinelman, Silky Pablo, and Kwadjo Spiri each brought their A-game during their set.

Aphee & Dr Pushkin at #OFFGRID

What Comedian Khemikal said

Comedian Khemikal who was the Mc for the night made an observation in a short conversation with Murphy of thesavannaonline. While Comedian Khemikal expressed excitement about the event, he kept making comments about the need for artists to work together if they seek to rise. Likening the move to what has been happening in Ghanaian Comedy circles, he said,

“If musicians pull up for each other at events like this, in no time, they will have a huge following. They will be able to stage their own events and in the process grow on several fronts.” According to Comedian Khemikal, recent comedy events have started seeing improvements in attendance.

“Charley, the thing, we can’t do it all by ourselves. Investors too are hard to find. However, if we put some effort into staging events, and our contemporaries show up to support, we all go make am. It is a simple thing of us showing up for each other.”

Kwadjo Spiri on the #OFFGRID stage

The Ghanaian showbiz industry continues to seek ways to thrive. Events like dr Pushkin will definitely usher in new ways to draw fans to events, it will eventually lead to gains unmatched.

Teri Wiizi Performing “Loner”

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