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Dive Into the Extraordinary – Outlandish North2South Experience with Dr. Pushkin




All About the Outlandish North2South Experience

The Outlandish North2South Experience is a musical event that combines performances and a music seminar to thrill fans and impact musicians. The event is the official showcase of Dr Pushkin’s maiden album titled “Outlandish”. Initiated by Isolirium Entertainment, the event is a pre-cursor to a touring event meant to push Dr Pushkin’s brand around the world: from North to South.

Outlandish North2South Experience - Paul
Outlandish North2South Experience – Paul

Ghana’s Dr Pushkin, whose forte is conscious music mixed with a dose of life’s realities, is returning to Ghana in September. This time, the rapper who doubles as an AI expert will not only be participating in conferences that will impact the development of AI in Ghana and Africa, but he will also be holding two mammoth concerts in Accra and Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region. As a native of the Region, this would be the first time he graces a major event as a headliner. For the love of the game, Dr Pushkin will be joined by some of the finest musicians to rock the two events.

(171) Highlights of the 1st Edition of the Off Grid Festival – YouTube

The Outlandish North2South Experience’ Accra – 9th September 2023 (Alliance Francaise)

The first event is dubbed Outlandish North2South Experience – Accra. It is scheduled for the Alliance Francaise in Accra. The event will give fans and patrons thrilling performances by Dr Pushkin and several amazing performers. Joining Dr Pushkin on his second time performing in Ghana will be the amazing vocalist Ataman Nikita – he doubles as a lecturer and ICT Administrator at the Bolgatanga Technical University.

Offering value for money, the eccentric Kwadjo Spiri will take fans through a repertoire of unconventionally deep rap songs. Teri Wiizi Justin, the crooner, will serve fans those danceable yet slow sentimental love songs. The thriving J. Kanjarga will also join the event from his base in Tamale to thrill fans in Accra.

3 Music Next Rated Nominees Rockcity, the Typical Bongo Boys, will bring the “Beer” from Bongo. As if that isn’t exciting enough, Bolgatanga’s most sought-after rapper, Soorebia, will be in Accra to exhibit the skill level of rappers from the Upper East Regional Capital.

Aside from the entertainers mentioned above, Tradey, aka Kofi Messiah ska the Teacher who can rap and sing, will journey from the eastern Region to treat fans to something very outlandish.

Outlandish North2South Experience - Accra
Outlandish North2South Experience – Accra

Aphee, the silky vocalist, will also mesmerize the crowd with the soulful music she is known for. Also billed to perform is the new kid on the block, Silky Pablo. He brings the Afrobeat vibes to a different level.

Goldganq representing Navrongo and Paga will again prove why they stand out as entertainers. With their impressive vibes, sound and vocals, fans should expect nothing but an amazing night of music from start to finish. The Outlandish North2South Experience in Accra is definitely a thrill for music fans.

Outlandish North2South Experience’ Bolgatanga – 15th – 16th September 2023 (Jocom Hotel)

Outlandish North2South Experience – Bolgatanga will be in 2 phases. The first will be on the evening of 15th September 2023 and the second will be on the evening of 16th September 2023. The first of the Bolga events will be a Music Seminar featuring notable music intellects from Across Ghana. This seminar is an Isolirium Entertainment & Savanna Multimedia initiative meant to give musicians in the Upper East Region insights into trends and the business of music in general.

Outlandish North2South Experience - Bolga
Outlandish North2South Experience – Bolga

The next night, 16th September 2023, will be characterized by amazing performances by Dr Pushkin, Nikita Ataman, Soorebia, Bolga’s favourite “Chineseman” Nambawan, Saruata the ever-impressive Zongo boy, Alaptawan the Dancehall Diva, Fasetwo the boss of rappers and singers in Navrongo, Lod Cypid the hitmaker, B-Wayne the pride of UE, Jerry Kanjarga, Pandy the reigning Artist of the year (UEMA), and Gingsen, the skenging man.

Also providing mesmerising dance moves and twists will be the BWT Dance Crew. The Outlandish North2South Experience in Bolgatanga will be just as thrilling as the Accra edition.

Why the Outlandish North2South Experience?

The two events are meant to solidify the relationships between artists and create avenues for more collaborative works. We are mindful that record labels in our part of the world are disappearing, and artists are more and more expected to do everything on their own.

However, if musicians can access the business knowledge of the music industry and work more with other artists, their stature and experience will be built up to new heights.

The Outlandish North2South Experience is an initiative powered by the Khaya Language Translation App, supported by Algorine Inc and Isolirium Entertainment

This set of events is a follow-up to the successful OFFGRID event staged by Isolirium Entertainment at East Legon in Accra.

(171) Highlights of the 1st Edition of the Off Grid Festival – YouTube

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Savanna Music

Kundivi Mahama enchants with new single



Kundivi Mahama Afara'nga

Afara’nga is here.

Kundivi Mahama Afara'nga Artwork
Kundivi Mahama Afara’nga Artwork

Kundivi Mahama, formerly Zazzy, has released yet another beautiful composition. The song, Afara’nga, furthers his agenda to dominate as a live performer with an enviable repertoire. Afara’nga is currently available to stream across all digital music platforms. 

The song is off his yet-to-be-released album, scheduled for late 2024.

Kundivi Mahama’s Stature

Kundivi Mahama, who resides and operates from the Upper East Regional capital, Bolgatanga, is one of the top five vocalists in the region. His stature is undoubtedly high. His dexterity as a lyricist, vocalist, and live band performer remains peerless. His consistency as a stellar musician remains his call to fame. 

In the last few months, he has been on a streak; he released songs that offer fans an idea of what to expect on his album. The songs released have so far exhibited the characteristics of a world star in the leagues of the Youssou N’dours, Angelique Kidjos, and Wiyaalas. 

Songs from his Album Released so far

Afara’nga follows Yineme, featuring Soorebia, Sheiwuna, and Taafama, which have solidified his rise. Other songs like Pon Dem Case and Echanga also make listening unforgettable.

The Above songs marked his journey when he rebranded from Zazzy to Kundivi Mahama. The new persona came with his desire to bring back the sound and rhythms of Uppers International Band, which reigned in Ghana from the late 1960s to the early 2000s. He pursues this feat with the touch of an original self; thus, fans get a feel of two worlds. 

According to Kundivi Mahama, Afara’nga is a tribute to the Uppers International Band. 

A more detailed profile about the life and music of Kundivi Mahama is coming soon.

Kundivi Mahama
Kundivi Mahama


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Wyldthang Breaths New Fire on Winning with Dr Pushkin and Budukusu




What Wyldthang brought to ‘Winning’?

There are rappers whose daily objective is to impress. However, there exist others who focus on being the best. But we know that seeking to impress calls for swaying to trends and what’s in vogue. However, perfecting your craft remains the standout factor. Such is the case of Wyldthang, the Houston rapper featured on the Remix of Dr Pushkin and Budukusu’s Winning. 

He prides himself in “being Willie Good”; the phrase is about an Austin – Texas legend Willie Nelson. He is an American country singer, guitarist, songwriter, and activist. He has remained peerless in skill and style to the extent that at age 91, he’s still performing to fans. His kind of perfection is what guides his pursuit of music as a career. As a street poet, his lyrics usually reflect his emotions juxtaposed with a unique worldview. In the process, he has become a lyrical dynamo with a penchant for releasing awe-inspiring lyrics.  

In a short interaction about discovering his talent, here’s what he said.

“Like everyone else, I’ve loved music all my life. On this journey, I believe everybody lives out their own story. Stories become songs. I tell my story through my songs.”

How he Met Dr Pushkin.

His relationship with Dr Pushkin started when the latter performed at SXSW 2022. He was awed by the performance. When Winning was later performed, Thang went wild with love for the song. 

In a classic case of “real recognize real” the two artists, got a conversation going. The result of that conversation is a remix of Winning. 

Previous Works

He is a lover of motorcycles. His passion for Bikes led to him making an entire album titled Motorcycle Music in 2021. The Album featured nine songs. 

He also released another album titled RIZE. 

The incredible rapper is gearing up to release another album, Graffiti City. If you loved his flow on Winning, you will be awed by his next project. The rapper has also teamed up with Vox Machina to form The 6th Street Rebelz. The 6th Street Rebelz is currently gracing all stages across the Austin-Texas area. He also has several singles out there.

The Story Behind Winning

Before this remix, Winning rode the tides of encouragement for all in pursuit of success. People are often scared to try or continue. A situation that stems from tying their gains to others. However, while the people around you can play roles in your life, knowing your ability is paramount. “Winning” thus encourages all to avoid self-inflicted doubt. 

The ever-enigmatic Budukusu complimented Dr Pushkin’s resounding words of wisdom on the first version of the song. However, with this new performance on the song, Winning has been given a new feel that encapsulates two different cultures and worldviews. Call it the Americanised version of Winning, and you’ve got it right. While Budukusu combines dancehall/reggae vibes with the song, Dr Pushkin goes philosophical. Wyldthang then brings an impressive flow of uplifting words capable of winning American rap fans. 

Winning was mixed and mastered by Lloyd Osei Baffour Peewezel-cue with Esi Hooper on the choir

Dr Pushkin and Collaborations

This song is Dr Pushkin’s second feature of an artist from the Austin Area. His first song was with Aggie, an artist from Austin. The song is titled Forgive Them and was released with a stellar music video resonating with the song’s quality and value.  

Dr Pushkin known in academia as Paul Azunre is expected to speak at the Ghana Natural Language Processing launch of an AI Conference series later in June this year. The event is dubbed “nhyAImu”, a Twi word which means “a gathering”. However, the “AI” in the word stands for Artificial Intelligence. nhyAImu is a collaboration between Academic City University College and NLP-Ghana. Khaya Language App, Africa’s leading speech recognition and language translation AI tool will be the focus of this event.

Themed “Unveiling the future of African Languages with Khaya AI”, the focus areas of the conference include the following:

  • Introduction to Ghana NLP and its mission
  • Overview of engineering pipelines emphasising MLOps
  • Detailed demo and guidelines on using Khaya AI’s APIs

There will also be an interactive Q & A session.

nhyAImu will take place on the campus of Academic City University College in Accra, on 12th June 2024. Time is 10am – 12pm.

Despite working tirelessly on his Khaya App, he’s gained a reputation for featuring artists worthy of the tag “artist”, and not necessarily trending artists.

Dr Pushkin is in the meantime readying a monster rap song featuring Kumasi’s finest rapper.

2024 has been a busy year for Dr Pushkin. Check out his releases for 2024 below. 

Dr Pushkin 2024 – Songs released so far 

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1 Don aka Fancy Gadam Screams ‘If’ in New Music Video



A screenshot from Fancy Gadam's 'If' video

About Fancy Gadam’s ‘If’

Fancy Gadam has once again mesmerised fans with an impressive accompaniment to his song “If”. The ‘explicit’ song performed over an endearing beat is a danceable song through which the artiste cautions his partner against not climaxing during a sexual encounter. While the subject matter may be controversial, the musician minces no words in expressing the importance of intimacy in a relationship.

‘If’ is the latest song from this prolific hitmaker from the Northern Regional Capital of Ghana.

Who is Fancy Gadam?

This musical enigma was born Mujahid Ahmed Bello on January 1, 1988, in Gurugram, a town in the Northern Region of Ghana. He eventually picked up music as he encountered more and more of the music culture of his ethnicity. As a young man in contemporary times, a fusion of his nature and trendy sound would urge him to stand out and do music professionally. 

A screenshot from Fancy Gadam's 'If' video

The young Gadam completed both his Basic School and Secondary School in Tamale, the Capital of Ghana’s Northern Region. The hurdles associated with accessing higher education did not affect his love of music; thus, when the opportunity presented itself, he pursued it. From participating in talent shows with his dance and musical prowess, he honed his talent and became ready for mainstream music. Music Industry insiders in the Northern Region saw his potential and pushed his craft leading to a breakthrough as a musician.

Despite making Waves in the Northern Region, the release of “Total Cheat” which featured Sarkodie was the defining moment for Fancy Gadam. The amazing musician was already known to be the only artist who was filling up stadia and any venues he held events. Interestingly, most of such events were hosted and headlined by himself. 

‘Total Cheat’ coincided with one of those stadia-filling moments, making Fancy Gadam a sensation across Ghana. After riding on the back of that song to nationwide recognition, he released more chart-topping songs including “Customer,” “Concrete,” and “Sofo Moko,” and several others.

His musical style is unique. He fuses Afrobeat, Dancehall, and ethnic Dagomba vibes to offer something refreshing for music lovers. 

Fancy Gadam‘s story is one that inspires; talent, perseverance, and dedication remain the key to his success. 

This incredibly talented artiste has several songs that have dominated the airwaves. In Ghana and Beyond, some of his songs are seen as what describes his stature. Notable among them are the following;

1. “Total Cheat” ft. Sarkodie: This undoubtedly is the biggest song. It is what propelled him to the rest of Ghana and the world. Many argue, there might never be another song that big from him.

2. “Customer” ft. Patoranking: This also topped the charts, and was Fancy Gadam’s first international collaboration. 

3. “Concrete”: This song proved that the artiste didn’t always need a collaboration to prove his worth. 

4. “Sofo Moko”: This was also a furtherance of his stature as an artiste.

5. “Yaka Chana”: As an artiste whose musical influences include his cultural heritage, he used this to project and celebrate his traditions. 

Fancy Gadam has many more hit songs, however, the above standout in his career per thesavannaonline‘s analysis. 

Fancy Gadam is a renowned musician from the Northern Regional Capital of Ghana.

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