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The Human Predicament – A Reflection on the Meaning of Human Life Pt. 1

  The brevity of human life, the vicissitudes of life, man’s power and weakness, his dignity and misery, his joys and sorrows, his finitude, his experience of suffering, sickness, disease, death and decay, his anxieties, fears and worries, are all starting points for reflection and deep thinking.



The Human Predicament - A Reflection on the Meaning of Human Life 1
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The human person is the most marvelous and most complex being in the universe. The marvels of the human person by far surpass those of the physical universe.  The brevity of human life, the vicissitudes of life, man’s power and weakness, his dignity and misery, his joys and sorrows, his finitude, his experience of suffering, sickness, disease, death and decay, his anxieties, fears and worries, are all starting points for reflection and deep thinking. Buddha’s philosophy for instance arose from his reflection on human suffering – old age, disease, death and decay. Reflection on these phenomena of human life gives rise to some fundamental questions about the nature, purpose and meaning of human life on this earth.

What is man? He is so strong, yet so fragile, so powerful, yet so weak, so great, yet so miserable. He is so curious to know, and knows so much about the physical universe, yet he is so ignorant about himself. He is in fact a problem to himself, a mystery beyond his comprehension; he cannot answer his own questions about himself. From time immemorial, man has been preoccupied with questions about his origin, nature and destiny.

What am I? Why do I live? What is the meaning of my life? What, in the final analysis, is the ultimate value of my life? Where do I go from here? Am I heading for nothingness? There are of course many people who do not bother asking themselves such questions about the meaning and purpose of their lives. They just go on from day to day living unexamined lives. They work, eat, drink, struggle for money and wealth, marry and beget children among other desires. They just want to be like ‘others’ and they are submerged in their daily routine, without ever asking themselves what it all means in the final analysis. Man is a being who does not understand himself; and puts his own very being into question.

Man has natural desire for continued existence; his strongest instinct is that of self-preservation and self-perpetuation in existence. Yet his life span is brief and is often terminated contrary to his deepest desire. All his efforts to resist the imposed termination of his life are futile – off he goes whether he likes it or not. He is forced out of this world without even knowing where he is going. He did not choose to come to this world. He simply finds himself in this world without knowing why and sooner or later he will be forced out of it.

What then is the ultimate meaning of man’s existence? What is the ultimate value of man’s life? What is he living for? Has his life any ultimate meaning? We all know that we eat to live, but what do we live to do? Why do we live?

Albert Camus, a renowned French philosopher tells us that there is only one truly serious philosophical question, and that is, is human life meaningful or meaningless? This is also the most serious problem about human life. Albert Camus is quite right. Many people do commit suicide because they find life meaningless. They feel that a meaningless life is not worth living. They therefore terminate it.

Part three comes up next week.

Credit: Inusah Awuni – MPhil, MA, BA (Lecturer – AUCC & DUC)


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Ecstatic! Sally M is Back; Returns with Makoma



Sally M

6 months after Sally M’s debut project, Attention, Ghanaian singer, and rising superstar Sally M known in private as Sally Mugabe Hayfron has released her sophomore project, “Makoma”, available now across digital music stores worldwide.

‘Makoma’, is a highlife track heavy on guitars. The singer delivers her touching lyrics, flanked by sweet and soothing melodies. The track is produced by rising Takoradi-based sound producer Body Beats.

‘Makoma’ is for everyone in terms of subject and theme. The singer’s efforts were very intentional to satisfy expectations in melodious composition, vocal delivery, lyrical dexterity, and imaginative prowess. All through the song, Sally M stays true to her familiar theme of love, staying on topic for the entire song.

Sally M
Sally M

Sally M introduced herself to the industry on May 31, 2022, with her debut single, ‘Attention Love’, an Afrobeat tune. And now she serves a hot highlife tune showing the young musicians’ dexterity and versatility. Her ability to switch genres so easily and smoothly prompted Connect Fm’s Kwamina Otto to question her genre of bias…

Sally M said “I can do Reggae, Dancehall, Afrobeats, and even Rap. I can do all,” She further added that she writes all her songs and performs the songs without getting any help from anyone.

“I write my songs and do not see the difficulty in doing that. All my life, music has been part of it, even during my childhood days. So, after completing my diploma, I decided to take it professionally and full-time,”

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Trends Runway show was held in Tamale at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in November 2021.



Trends Runway held in Tamale

The maiden edition of the Trends Runway show was held in Tamale at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in November 2021. The night brought some delight to the city of Tamale. Generally, the organizers were impressed with the number of audiences who turned out for the program and the patience they exercise and stayed till the show was over.

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One of the Accra-based designers, expressed his joy and delightfulness at seeing the audience still glued to their seats as late as 12 midnight when people would begin to leave at about 9 pm in Accra when the show has not ended. The atmosphere and reception of the people of Tamale were a new experience for him and this overwhelming. According to him, this was an indication that they were really welcomed in Tamale with their fashion.

The missing vibe in the organization’s structure was the conspicuous absence of women. In an interview with Abdul Raafi Mohammed on Sanatu Zambang Hotspot Live, the organizers bemoaned the difficulty of getting women involved in working with them but they hope to improve upon representation in the subsequent editions.    


They also expressed some difficulties in training the models. They had to run shifts for the trainees because most of them were not regular and kept missing days in training. This made their work very difficult.

Talking of the sponsorship, the organizers admitted that, they had a tough time getting people and organizations to sponsor the program.  They reiterated that most cooperate bodies would ask for sponsorship letters but when the letters are given out to them, they would decline to grant any sponsorship.  

In organizing this fashion show, they noted that most of their sponsorships came from friends and family members, which was totally unacceptable and discouraging for the growth and success of the program.

One of the points that were also highlighted in the interview was the fact that designers are being limited by clients says Abdul Raafi. Fashion designers are not being challenged by clients to be creative and come out with their own designs. Clients come to seek services demanding replicas of dresses they see on the internet. But the panelist was of a different view. They said it was the duty of these fashion designers to educate their clients about the fashion business and the work they actually do.  

 Source: Cynthia Kuyoli | Sanatu Zambang

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Savanna Music

DND Goes Hard on “Witchcraft” through Rap; with KAMULIMULISIGN aka the Night Flier




DND of the Dope Guyz Empire comes again with another creative piece.

This time, the duo tackles a very sensitive topic.

The song is entitled KAMULIMULISIGN addresses some evil doings in our societies. The song emphasises the fact that hatred, jealousy and envy are the causes and sources of human suffering, and these bad deeds are the fertile ground for the activities of the rampant witchcraft and its adverse effects on humanity and society as a whole.

Many innocent lives have been lost, as well as destroying people with good minds for development. The song questions why witches are only and passionately interested in killing and destroying great people who have good intentions and the ability to bring development.

This song however can be seen as controversial, as it does not directly address witches, but rather an insect (specifically, a night flier).

However, since witches are said to be flying at night for their meetings and other activities, it is clear the witch here is metaphorically represented in the life and nature of a night flier (KAMULIMULISIGN).

Get yourself entertained by listening to this creative piece of work.

Download it to update ur playlist.




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