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Ewurama Attoh; the lady owning Tamale air-waves

Growing up, young Ewurama had ambitions and interests like every child. The desire to become a lawyer competed with her addiction to news on CNN & GTV. Often emulating the reading styles of some of her favorite news anchors, she was nicknamed Barbara Sam by her Dad.



Ewurama Attoh; the lady owning Tamale air-waves.
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Who is Ewurama Attoh

To her teaming listener’s, she is Ewurama Attoh, the sweet-voiced queen of the airwaves in Tamale. To her friends, she is Queenzy, the back up singer. To her family, she is Agnes, the purposeful daughter whose pursuits are borne of passion, and is boundless. To Ghana, she is the People’s Celebrity Awards Most Popular Female Radio Presenter 2017. She is Agnes Alexis Attoh, the young lady making giant strides by way of impact and relevance in a fast-evolving radio industry.

Growing up, young Ewurama had ambitions and interests like every child. The desire to become a lawyer competed with her addiction to news on CNN & GTV. Often emulating the reading styles of some of her favorite news anchors, she was nicknamed Barbara Sam by her Dad.

Though a Fante, she’s spent most of her life in the Northern Region where she had most of her education. Starting at Queen Elizabeth Nursery in Tamale, she continued to St. Joseph Primary School, and later Bethel Methodist School, also in Tamale. She then proceeded to the Bolgatanga Girls Senior High School, located in the capital of the Upper East Region.

Educational Background of Ewurama Attoh

She eventually went back to school in pursuit of an HND in Marketing at the Tamale Business College between 2012 & 2014. Ewurama, despite her tight schedule on radio as a marketing manager and host of two shows on Kesmi Fm in Tamale, she makes time to study Marketing & Journalism through the ICM-UK program.

The journey to becoming an on-air personality wasn’t structured; despite her jolly-nature, she assumed her confidence wasn’t good enough to face the public with her voice.  A radio career was a no no. However, her opinionated nature got her contributing to radio programs via text and phone calls.

How Ewurama entered Radio

29th March 2013 marked the beginning of a boisterous, yet in-depth analysis of showbiz related matters, impact-filled discussions and a refreshing newscaster-voice. Ewurama had the rare opportunity of being a panelist in a radio discussion; a good friend, Seth Sowah who apparently perceived her worth was behind the invitation.

Awards & Achievements

Despite the fact that Ewurama has been in radio for just a little over 4 years; the young achiever has already earned some recognition by way of awards. So far she’s won the following;

  • Foklex Media Award (2015-2016) – Best Newscaster for Northern Region
  • Dagbon Radio Awards (2015- 2016) – Brunch Host of the year
  • Lifestyle Program of the year
  • Foklex Media Awards (2016 -2017) – Family Life Host of the year
  • People’s Celebrity Awards (2017) – Female Radio Presenter of the Year

The Talents of Ewurama Attoh

Ewurama trained as a Photo Editor/ Graphic Designer, but the yearn to use her voice creatively pushed her into taking up radio as a full-time job. Born to a family of creatives, Ewurama’s desire to make a mark in the creative industry continues to stir her endeavors; thus, she intends to expand her relevance by venturing into TV.

Even though she rarely talks about her singing prowess, Ewurama is actually a fine singer.  She admits to a struggling entertainment industry in the Northern Region, but is quick to name some of her favorite musicians as Kawastone, Dobble Tee, Fancy Gam & Maccasio. When asked her about what she thinks account for the struggling nature of the showbiz industry in the Northern Region, she blamed it on those steering the affairs of the industry with little to no knowledge about the industry. She however remains positive that at the current rate and state, there is a bright future for the industry.

Her desires& Wishes

As an enigma within radio circles in Tamale, Ewurama wishes to see more ladies venture into the industry. Per her analysis, she believes Josephine of Diamond FM and herself, are the only female radio personalities pushing beyond the stereotypical roles assigned women.

For her, the main challenge in being a broadcaster in the Northern Region is the inability to access sponsorship for impact-filled broadcasting. A situation that affects the production of relevant and “edu-taining” content for the benefit of the people.

There’s a perception that Tamale is hostile to people who are not indigenes, interestingly Ewurama gives better insight into what is misconstrued as hostility;

“I wouldn’t say it is hostile…. Tamale is a special place and what do u do with a special thing…. you study it, know what the people want, give what they want…. make them happy and you are loved.  it is not easy but learning the love language of the people and u are ok.”

There’s obviously something special about Ewurama, she puts in this way;

“mmm…. well first off the fact that am a woman and a loud mouth lol…. my voice and laughter and oh the fact that my delivery is different…”

Her success, she attributes to the all-out support from her family and Seth Klipss (Seth Sowah) who saw in her, what she refused to pay attention to. Her personal shrink Bertrand Nana Kwame Turkson remains an invaluable asset to her career. In her own words;

“he’s always been the one I run to when I want to give up… he will listen, laugh 😄 then insult u and push u back in lol…. he’s always been my pillar.” She counts herself lucky because she’s built a good professional relationship with most industry players who in turn are very supportive.

Her biggest recognition thus far, has been winning the nation-wide award for Favorite Female Radio Presenter, at the People’s Celebrity Awards organized by GN-Bank.

Ewurama Attoh was born on 30th May. She has 3 siblings.


Jon Germain Set to Make Waves with His Exciting Fragrance Line: EL SUPREMO and EL SUPREMO INTENSE




Jon Germain Ventures into Fragrances

Ghanaian TV/Radio host and singer Jon Germain is gearing up to make a significant mark in the world of fashion and beauty with the launch of his much-anticipated fragrance line, EL SUPREMO and EL SUPREMO INTENSE. With a career spanning an impressive 27 years in the entertainment industry, Jon Germain has captured the hearts of Ghanaians through his captivating presence on the airwaves and his melodious tunes. Now, he is ready to take his talent and creativity to new heights by venturing into the realm of fragrance, making him the first Ghanaian celebrity to introduce a line of perfumes and colognes.

Jon Germain
Jon Germain

EL Supremo and El Supremo Intense; and extension of the Multi-Talented Icon:

Jon Germain’s journey to stardom began in the early ’90s when he first graced the Ghanaian entertainment scene as a TV and radio host. With his charismatic personality and engaging hosting style, he quickly became a household name, earning the admiration of listeners and viewers alike. Over the years, he expanded his repertoire and delved into the world of music, further solidifying his status as a multi-talented icon.

The Scent of Distinction:

EL SUPREMO and EL SUPREMO INTENSE, the two fragrances that bear Jon Germain’s creative touch, are poised to redefine luxury and elegance in the fragrance industry. Just as Jon Germain’s music and on-screen presence have resonated with his audience, his fragrances are expected to capture the essence of his unique personality and style. EL SUPREMO promises a sophisticated and captivating aroma, while EL SUPREMO INTENSE takes it a step further with a more concentrated and bold fragrance experience.

Breaking New Grounds:

Jon Germain’s decision to launch his own fragrance line is groundbreaking in Ghana’s entertainment industry. While the global market has seen numerous celebrity-endorsed fragrances, Germain’s venture marks a significant first for Ghana. His ability to constantly reinvent himself and embark on new creative endeavours showcases his determination to push boundaries and contribute to the growth of the Ghanaian entertainment landscape.

A Nation’s Anticipation:

As news of Jon Germain’s fragrance line spreads throughout Ghana, the anticipation and excitement among his fans and the general public are palpable. Germain’s track record of success and his unwavering commitment to quality and innovation have instilled confidence that EL SUPREMO and EL SUPREMO INTENSE will be nothing short of extraordinary. Ghanaians are eager to embrace these fragrances, not just as luxurious products but as a representation of their cultural pride and Jon Germain’s artistic legacy.


Jon Germain’s upcoming fragrance line launch, featuring EL SUPREMO and EL SUPREMO INTENSE, stands as a testament to his remarkable journey as a Ghanaian TV/Radio host and singer. With his bold move into the world of fragrances, he continues to demonstrate his ability to captivate and inspire. As Ghanaians eagerly await the unveiling of these exceptional fragrances, Jon Germain’s innovative spirit and creative vision shine as brightly as ever, leaving an indelible mark on both the entertainment and beauty industries in Ghana.


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Trends Runway: 1 rare opportunity for designers in Tamale

Trends Runway show was held in Tamale at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in November 2021.



Trends Runway held in Tamale

The maiden edition of the Trends Runway show was held in Tamale at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in November 2021. The night brought some delight to the city of Tamale. Generally, the organizers were impressed with the number of audiences who turned out for the program and the patience they exercise and stayed till the show was over.

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One of the Accra-based designers expressed his joy and delightfulness at seeing the audience still glued to their seats as late as 12 midnight when people would begin to leave at about 9 pm in Accra when the show has not ended. The atmosphere and reception of the people of Tamale were a new experience for him and this overwhelming. According to him, this was an indication that they were really welcomed in Tamale with their fashion.

The missing vibe in the organization’s structure was the conspicuous absence of women. In an interview with Abdul Raafi Mohammed on Sanatu Zambang Hotspot Live, the organizers bemoaned the difficulty of getting women involved in working with them but they hope to improve upon representation in the subsequent editions.    


They also expressed some difficulties in training the models. They had to run shifts for the trainees because most of them were not regular and kept missing days in training. This made their work very difficult.

Talking of the sponsorship, the organizers admitted that, they had a tough time getting people and organizations to sponsor the program.  They reiterated that most cooperate bodies would ask for sponsorship letters but when the letters are given out to them, they would decline to grant any sponsorship.  

In organizing this fashion show, they noted that most of their sponsorships came from friends and family members, which was totally unacceptable and discouraging for the growth and success of the program.

One of the points that were also highlighted in the interview was the fact that designers are being limited by clients says Abdul Raafi. Fashion designers are not being challenged by clients to be creative and come out with their own designs. Clients come to seek services demanding replicas of dresses they see on the internet. But the panelist was of a different view. They said it was the duty of these fashion designers to educate their clients about the fashion business and the work they actually do.  

 Source: Cynthia Kuyoli | Sanatu Zambang

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Harboring fear leads to some form of stress, which can cause depletion of the immune system, errors in judgement and can even prevent one form making reasonable decisions. Fear leads to the loss of confidence, fatigue, anger explosions and sometimes stomach upsets.




The Ghanaian populace will soon be bedridden with what seem a national canker which has gradually eaten into the minds of people. Every Ghanaian in one way or the other has been affected by this canker-FEAR, from students to workers, traders, politicians, mad men, the aged, the young, sick, down to the little child.

Fear which is known to kill champions before their time, has spread its malicious tentacles across the breadth of the country. Harboring fear leads to some form of stress, which can cause depletion of the immune system, errors in judgement and can even prevent one form making reasonable decisions. Fear leads to the loss of confidence, fatigue, anger explosions and sometimes stomach upsets.


Students studying in schools to become the leaders of our motherland harbor in them the fear of failing their examinations. Right from the word go, students have been raised to fear exams and hate the very word with all their might and with all their hearts. Beginning for their “first world war”-Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) to the so called the almighty West African Senior Secondary Examination (WASSCE) to the End of Semester Examinations in the Tertiary level, students face these requisite exams with fear, ample enough to kill a giant, in their hearts. Little wonder yearly results of students’ exams come with many surprises.


Children in their development stage become very curious and tend to ask a host of rhetorical questions, some answerable, others simply unthinkable. In bid to escape the barrage of questions and non-existing answers children expect their parents, teachers and guardians to conjure for them after each round of their “curious endeavours” parents, teachers and guardians tend to formulate weird superstitious tales, to scare the little ones rather than educate them. Among these many tales are stories of Ghosts appearing in the night to catch children who refused to sleep early enough, stop talking or refuse to bath, Stories of dwarfs, witchcraft and wizardry.

The amazing thing is that these children grow with the fear of these non-existing phenomena glued to their thoughts and transfer it, like a contagious disease, to the next generation.


The doctrines of the two populous religions in Ghana-Christianity and Islam, imbibe in their members the belief in a final day of Judgement, where the Almighty God will replay to mankind all of his activities on earth. The Judgement per the indoctrination of the religions of Islam and Christianity, will see some men taken to Heaven and others cast into hell, an abode of ever burning fire and perpetual suffering.

The fear of being cast into hell or Janam’ah (as described referred to by Muslims) appears be a sort of headache for some religious folks as it has been described to be the worst ever place ever imagined. Residents of hell will be plagued with thirst and unimaginable diseases, as narrated in one bible story.

This stories when rehearsed creates fear in the hearts of the theist.


The fear of being sacked and losing one’s job is an ingrowth that has eaten deep into the minds of Ghanaian workers. Daily, under the guise of pleasing their bosses and a lukewarm way of securing their jobs, workers join long winding queues in lorry stations or join the struggle for bus to their destination. A minute’s lateness would find one smiling on the wrong side of his or her mouth. With the current state monetary affairs in the country you better not lose your job.

It’s a different story, however, when it comes to output of production.



Accidents have become rampant in the few months in this New Year. The latest one claiming about 6lives on the Takoradi-Winneba road.

Travelers now fear for their lives, as they have little control of happenings on their way as they travel.


It is election year and one of the common seasonal fears is one notable among political figures. The fear of losing election. I bet you don’t want to experience this sort of fear. It capable of killing a fully matured lion and making one’s hair turn grey in a twinkle of an eye.

The latest fear of all is the fear of terrorist attack.

Written by Edwin Abanga – 0249475585 (Student Journalist)

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