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Just before I could say “amen” to end my silent prayer, the owner of the printing press yanked open the door and called out my name simultaneously.



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Our conversation got deeper and deeper until it eventually turned intimate and she started recounting to me her previous relationships. The sweeter the conversation got, the darker the day got. It was getting late and the “independent” lady was panicking, trying to cook up an explanation for her mom so that she wouldn’t lock the gate. Worst of all, we were in somebody’s office whose closing time had passed.

I couldn’t afford to miss the most interesting part of the conversation. Missing it would have been like enjoying all the foreplay and at the point of penetration somebody bumps on you or working your way all through only to be distracted at the point of orgasm. I wasn’t just prepared for such a feeling at all, so the religious guy in me started to pray silently while the naughty part of me had my eyes fixed deep into hers. I could literary see my whole face in her pupils–the level of concentration was exponentially high.

Just before I could say “amen” to end my silent prayer, the owner of the printing press yanked open the door and called out my name simultaneously.

“Damn it!!! It is finished,” I bemoaned in my head while forcing a smile to accompany the response. The result was a funny look on my face like the confused emoticon on WhatsApp and a very scratchy response.

“I dey go meet my paddy come so make you guys watch de place give me…….I dey go come …..”, he added.

As impatient as I was, I wouldn’t even let him finish before I already burst out a consenting response, “no p…we dey…we go dey…no worries”.

By this time I had heaved a sigh of relief, which got me repeating my response unnecessarily. She gave me a fairly gentle push on my forehead as a form of resentment and started complaining about the tendency of being locked outside.

How I managed to get her to stay and continue the conversation is however history.

Fast forward, we were back to our hearty chitchat and she was obliged to continue from where she left off. She is one person who wouldn’t entertain any form of distraction when talking. She would suggestively demand an undivided attention. Her latest relationship was the one with Kobby (real name withheld). Kobby, she said was a gentle sweet soul, a darling and a very good guy (as they put it in typical Ghanaian parlance). She had met Kobby way back and they have since been hanging out as friends for quite a long time but nothing official seemed to have happened (at least that was what she said, you and I were not there). Anytime they went out for a public gathering and her chatty personality got her interacting with the opposite sex Kobby always demonstrated traits of jealousy. She said Kobby always introduced her as his girlfriend to his friends, workmates and family. She explained how romantic their playfulness will turn anytime she visited Kobby at home and how happy she always was in the company of Kobby.

Apparently, she was the only girl who could get close to Kobby because he was a very reserved person who hardly associated with peers, not even his own squad mates (clique). She confessed Kobby had everything that she ever desired in a man. He was the exact definition of her ideal man but she seemed to have a problem with Kobby.

At this point I was stunned. I could neither breathe in nor breath out. My blood circulation too came to a standstill. I couldn’t feel my legs anymore. They were numb.

I started blinking my eyes at a pacey and irregular interval to help gain consciousness. All this while she had paused and was trying to send her mum a text.

Everything in the atmosphere sublimed into suspense.

The only noise that could be heard was the oscillating ceiling fan, the tick-tock of the wall clock, and our own breath. She eventually took a deep breath, cleared her throat, stole a flirty glance at me and tore the silence in the atmosphere:

“Denis,………….. I felt Kobby was merely wasting my time and warding off my suitors. All that while Kobby had not been “man enough” to propose love to me, even though from his actions I knew he loved me”. “How could a guy be so mean”?,she emotionally quizzed.

“Mean,you say?, I interjected sharply with an interrogative exclamation. She held her breath,at the same time thinking of an explanation. When she burst  out her response, she missed her first word,the second and the third.No identifiable word was uttered.All that was heard was errrm…..errrm….errm…She realized she didn’t make sense and had to explain better so she  handcuffed me,pulled me closer to her and looked deep into my eyes hoping that I could see her pain.For a moment she agreed actions speak louder than words so she would rather explain in actions than in words. Unfortunately, I was too occupied with her presence than to see or feel her pain. I could only see a  teasingly tempting gorgeous figure who was rather too idealistic for this century and that in itself was pain enough. In that compromising position, only one thing was most likely and man had to be strong so I ………………to be continued.

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Savanna Music

Just Watch & Learn How to excel as a musician




How to dominate as a musician: Just Watch


Dr. Pushkin returns with another mind-buster; this time around, he recruits fellow rapper CJ Biggerman and singer Taitan. The three musicians take us on a musical swell that emanates from the heart, preaches reality, and admonishes a lacklustre attitude. Music isn’t just mumbled words; it’s melodious and creative words strung in a creative way for the purpose of communication. Just Watch

 Just Watch by Dr. Pushkin, Cj Biggerman, Taitan (

The music business is convoluted; however, there remain prying eyes who are best asked to “just watch.” In this classic piece of hip-hop, three “flowrators” express what makes them stand out despite not being popular. To these artists, music is from within, and so long as the spirit stirs, bangers like Just Watch are a serving that will continue to flow for fans.

If you are a lover of rap and hip-hop, you will probably remember Game’s It’s Okay (One Blood), featuring Junior Ried.

Taitan’s Work

Taitan Melodies brings that vibe to this well-crafted hip-hop song with an impressive reggae dancehall feel. Gritty, witty, and a well-thought-out pen game performed like a master, Taitan opens the song with the words:


“Ah, we dem ah watch.
Like Netflix, enuh
Watch this
Sumn fi yuh watch”.

 Just Watch (Dr. Pushkin, Cj Biggerman, Taitan) – LYRIC VIDEO (

More like speaking to the essence of being lyrically and musically superior in a way that warrants a “just watch.” The reggae and dancehall artist with an impressive catalog brought a new dimension to Dr. Pushkin’s music by way of style. Despite the fact that Just Watch is a hip-hop banger, Taitan’s vocal delivery complemented the awesome performances of CJ Biggerman and Dr. Pushkin. Taitan starts the song and ends it with a reminder of who an artist is. A resilient creative who ignores all vile commentary to remain focused on what is most important, i.e., the music.

CJ Biggerman’s Performance

CJ Biggerman has made waves many times on the Ghana rap scene. From appearing on Sarkodie’s Bibiba to accosting and dropping one of the illest freestyles to American rapper Rick Ross, the rapper has never slowed down.

When in 2022 and 2023 he became his mother Big Ivy’s number one hypeman, many may have thought the licenced-to-rap artist was slowing down. However, releases like Wabodam ft. Halfco Baby are a testament to this rapper’s awesomeness.

Jumping on Just Watch by Dr. Pushkin is an extension of superior rap antics that elicits every element of rap. He also emphasises the importance of staying true to his calling while reminding fans of his other exploits. Through the song, CJ Biggerman expresses the nonchalance associated with being on top of your game.

Dr Pushkin’s take

In Just Watch, the ingenious Dr. Pushkin takes his bars towards more puns and similes while insouciantly expressing his focus on his game as a rapper and tech entrepreneur. The sentiment expressed through Just Watch indicts the general treatment of artists who aren’t regarded as mainstream or big spenders. The situation where talents aren’t offered opportunities to push the music to the fans often bedevils the strides of many. However, the tried and tested method has been to keep dropping them bangers till they can’t ignore you.

Dr Pushkin’s 2024 Pursuits.

Just Watch is the 3rd song from Dr. Pushkin for 2024; it is worth noting that Dr. Pushkin is blessing pumped up and ready to bless 2024 with between 30 and 40 songs. He might just drop more.

Dr. Pushkin in 2024 has released No Heroes, featuring Lyrical Joe, and “No Go Go,” featuring Kojo-Cue. Both songs have received massive reviews from music critics.

Just Watch was produced by Dr Pushkin for Isolirium Entertainment.

In the next couple of weeks, another banger drops. In the meantime, stream Just Watch on all digital platforms below.

 Just Watch by Dr. Pushkin, Cj Biggerman, Taitan (

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This is Incredible – Kologo Fusion Sounds better



No-Go-Go-By-Dr-Puskin-Ft.-Ko-jo-Cue-&-Ataman-Nikita-(Artwork) - Kologo Fusion
No-Go-Go-By-Dr-Puskin-Ft.-Ko-jo-Cue-&-Ataman-Nikita-(Artwork) - Kologo Fusion
No-Go-Go-By-Dr-Puskin-Ft.-Ko-jo-Cue-&-Ataman-Nikita-(Artwork) – Kologo Fusion

 No Go Go by Dr. Pushkin, Ko-Jo Cue, Ataman Nikita (

Kologo Fusion is set to reign.

The talk about who wins a Grammy from Ghana has been a subject of debate for a long time. However, very little attention has been paid to the ingenious music being made by musicians without the A-list or Mainstream Tag. Artists like Wiyaala, Atongo Zimba, Worlasi, and others who stand out for their ingenuity are never considered potential winners. However, with the release of No Go Go! by Dr Pushkin ft. Ko-Jo Cue and Ataman Nikita, one may be tempted to ask, “What will it take to win a Grammy as a Ghanaian artist?”. Is it just attempting to fit into popular genres or using established genres as a footing to create imaginative, artful, and inventive music?

Ordinarily, most artists would be clamouring at the successful fusion of sounds that has the potential to birth a new genre or direction. However, when two talented creatives meet, the satisfaction is in bringing art and impact to the fore; such is the case of this masterpiece of a song. No No Go! It thrives on rhythmic percussion backed by the pleasing, incessant sound of the Kologo. In what Dr Pushkin calls “Kologo Fusion”, the genre is not just another attempt at creating something new but a conscious fusion of indigenous sound and musical instruments in popular music genres, offering a refreshing listenership to fans and music lovers.

Despite being a fun song, No Go Go is art-in-protest; the lyrics are a resounding reminder of the need to stand firm against the systematic failures of leadership. Time and again, Ghanaians have suffered instances where politicians use state institutions to shut up people who speak against the system’s wrongs. However, No Go Go! is a reminder to the powers that be about the relentlessness of the people despite the oppressive antics. It is a reminder that the people will match and protest till the wrongs become right.

Who else to recruit for such an experimental sound but Ko-Jo Cue? Kojo Amankwah Cue, better known as Ko-Jo Cue, has proven to be an amazing lyricist, storyteller, and voice for the voiceless. While he doesn’t pick up a megaphone to chant impactful messages, his music has always contained a full dose of serving as a person. It, therefore, came as no surprise when Dr Pushkin chose to collaborate with him on creating a beautiful song set to be the anthem for protests in Ghana and beyond. For a rapper whose album “For My Brothers” contains so much about life, he is well-experienced in life to put that to a beat.

Ataman Nikita, a brother to Dr Pushkin, also brought on his melodious voice to No Go Go with hooks and a chorus, giving the song a flawless transition from one point to another. His impressive vocals combined with the rap performances by Dr Pushkin and Ko-Jo Cue over the beautiful Kologo Fusion instrumental by AzkonnaBeatz has birthed No Go Go, a new sound capable of putting Ghana at the top of ingenious music production.

What is Kologo Fusion?

Kologo is the popular 2-string guitar found mostly amongst the Gurune-speaking ethnic groups of the Upper East Region. It has become a symbol of what truly exudes the musical culture of that particular ethnic group. The instrument is behind successful and ingenious artists like Atongo Zimba, King Ayisoba, Stevo Atambire and several traditional musicians from the Bolga area who are conquering the world with its unique sound.

Kologo Fusion is a blend of the musical instrument in popular music genres. While rap has likely been fused with it for decades, the current modern iteration of the sound can likely be traced to Soorebia’s “2 Strings” – a track produced by AzkonnaBeatz and featuring rapper Akan. Artists Wanlov The Kubolor and Stevo Atambire have also contributed immensely through their collective “Alostmen” and their unique brand of Rap. No Go Go! is the first of Dr. Pushkin’s fusion songs, and we can expect several more to appear on the album, including one with Stevo Atambire.

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Savanna Music

North2South Experience: A Musical Journey Set To Captivate America’s Heart




North2South Experience in America

Having staged 2 Successful Music events in Accra & Bolgatanga, Texas, Ghanaian Rapper Dr Pushkin has dared to test the waters in the US. Under the North2South Experience franchise, the event seeks to bring Ghanaian artists in the Austin, Texas, Area and their American Counterparts to the same stage. The event will occur inside the Volstead Lounge in Austin on December 3rd, 2023, from 7:30 PM. While admitting a dichotomy between the North and South divide worldwide, the musicians billed to perform each represent the North or South of their respective nations. The idea is to foster a creative unity to help defy the economic disparity often associated with the North and South divide.

Dubbed North2South Experience – Austin, the event is a collaboration between Isolirium Entertainment and Underground Voices Live, an independent creative platform in Austin – Texas, dedicated to giving new and upcoming artists a voice. 

North2South Experience Performers

North2South Experience Austin is a Hip Hop and Afrobeats Festival featuring incredible performances by Dr Pushkin, Koo Kusi, and Quata Budukusu, representing Ghana. Aggie, Ative, SpaceGoonz, The Boy, and WyldThang will represent America. The venue opens at 7:30 PM.

If you are in the Austin – Texas, area and want to be at this event, click the link below.

North2South Austin Experience in Austin at Hotel Vegas & The Volstead Lounge (

North2South Experience
North2South Experience

What is the North2South Experience?

The concept was born of a desire to see Ghanaian artists have a tour opportunity with several stops that could span the entire country. Considering how polarized the Ghanaian Entertainment Industry is, a deliberate attempt to draw artists from the North and South of Ghana for a Nationwide Tour became necessary. With the above in hindsight, Dr Pushkin, who has been promoting his Outlandish Album, took the absence of an initiative like North2South Experience to initiate the same. Doing so through his Isolirium Entertainment Record Label, the rapper who doubles as an Artificial Intelligence prodigy has not only marketed his music but has created an opportunity for others.

The First two events under the North2South Experience franchise came off in Accra at the Alliance Francaise and in Bolgatanga at Jocom Golden Hotel. Both events saw an array of artists drawn from the North of Ghana and the South of Ghana. All artists on the bill proved worth the spotlight as they took turns mesmerizing fans who graced the events. Despite being a self-sponsored initiative, Isolirium Entertainment ensured stellar logistics characterized the event to give patrons quality output through sound, stage, and lighting.

The success of both shows has informed Isolirium Entertainment of the need to inject further ingenuity into future editions. Thus, subsequent editions will see an increase in venues and the creation of a Festival that would bring the North & South together through Art and entertainment.

Dr Pushkin is an SXSW 2023 Alumnus named an “Essential SXSW 2023 Act” by the Austin Chronicle. He first shot into prominence with his genre-bending conscious Trap tune “Questions” – the song highlighted the deficiency society suffers through a leadership that makes bad choices for the people.

North2South Experience, Austin, is the first event powered by Isolirium Entertainment outside Ghana.

Check a short documentary about the North2South Events in Ghana below.

North2South – Episode 1 – YouTube

Dr. Pushkin is an intriguing Ghanaian Artiste of Gurune extraction currently based in the United States of America. He holds a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  Sometime in 2019, Dr. Azunre made international headlines for his contributions to advancing the state of Optical System Design optimization algorithms. Many least expected the nerdy scientist to have a major interest in music. However, developing an algorithm that can guarantee to find the “best possible design” to an optical design problem was just the start of his quest to change society.  Today, he’s giving fans and music lovers something musically thrilling and mind-stimulating. 

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