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We are endowed with a wide array of artistic tools; unique traditional elements like language, music/musical instruments, landscapes & locations, folklore, dances, Griots–to the modern elements that aid in boosting the economic viability of the aforementioned elements.  How about exploring these before strangling ourselves with award schemes that seek to elevate egos and not necessarily improve our artistic being and economic standing?

I will not bore you with winding narratives on how we manage to stifle our growth with the numerous award schemes. Admittedly musicians are just like any other brand and so every aspect of their being must be to perfection or at least close to it. This requires a careful retrospection and also analysis of whom your target audience is albeit you want to be a global celebration.

As subjective as defining a good brand can be, we will agree there is a common ground when we seek to compare impactful artistry, and that is where our self entitled attitude could further derail us from the path of glory.

Today’s music business goes beyond the local champion syndrome; so one must seek to get same or similar acclamation wherever they exhibit their artistry. This requires thinking outside the scope of pleasing your townsfolk or people in your immediate region. I’m not in anyway suggesting that using your indigenous language in composing music is defeatist, because language can be as effective as any of the elements one employs in creating a masterpiece.  The artistic use of language can actually be the selling point of an artiste.

The onus is largely on the artiste and management to fully understand the nature of what makes good music and not just stick to one element which may get them a small following. One needs to go beyond language, and pay good attention to instrumentation & the quality of production of all musical pieces. The introduction of traditional elements of music can also be a major feature in creating a unique artiste in the quest to dominate the global scene.

Stay humble; humility is a virtue that continues to aid the soaring of artistes like Stonebouy; I’ve known Stonebouy for a while and we can all attest to the force with which he is dominating the music scene in Ghana, he could have laid back and enjoy the street disciples’ praise but no, he values and knows who will actually label him a star hence he paid the price by staying humble in dealing with his peers, media and even fans. This has made him a toast of many.  Can that be said about the numerous acts that adorn the savanna? From experience I will emphatically say NO, and by that I’m not bundling all artistes together, but if front liners are not humble, how do we expect the younger ones to be humble.

The sacrifice and investment; Music as we’ve come to know is a full time business that requires a lot of sacrifice and investment; both time and finances. We’ve heard people say “talent is not enough”, how we relate to that phrase actually can impact our success as musicians. From the image of an artiste which involves the quality of photography, artworks, quality of videos, to investing in vocal performances, studio recordings, live instrumentations and even self improvement programs that can help in interviews and managing your persona in the corporate world, we need to consciously dedicate resources to ensure the aforementioned are at the apex of quality.  These will set-up any artiste for every market that appreciates hard quality work. The above is also one thing artistes need to really take seriously, friends and family will do you favors but the bills they have to foot inform how much they can do for you for free.

A key element in this life is loyalty, however when this is misplaced one is sure going to face the repercussions associated with it. Many artistes form cliques and movements, which really don’t have anything in line with improving musical worth, but rather creates the impression of a following. This births paranoia as artistes find themselves making music to please the few people in these cliques; most of who will never pay to attend a show or purchase an album. Usually most members of these cliques are personal friends and family who would would rarely give objective criticism on works. If you believe objective criticism is a much needed fuel in improving your artistry you should be reexamining where you place your loyalty.

Crowning of mediocrity in all aspects of this multi faceted industry;

In as much as I have no problems with putting together award schemes, the sectarian nature and limited number of artistes creates a situation where mediocrity is crowned.  The recent Upper East Awards is a good case to cite here, a good number of demo songs actually found their way on the nominations list and even went ahead to win some awards. Are we then celebrating amazing music or just trying to crown some people? No serious artiste will enter a demo song in an award scheme neither wills any serious event organizer accept entries that don’t meet a certain standard of quality. However, given the small operational zone of the scheme, it is easy for such to happen. We therefore need to look beyond our small enclaves and aspire to be part of more competitive schemes, after all whether Navrongo, Tamale or Accra, every artiste wants to be seen as the ultimate when it comes to good music.

Unguided trend following; Whilst artistes will swear to forever stay true to the kind of music they represent, the temptation not to follow trends is far more daunting hence they succumb. Whilst others argue that an ability to adapt to styles and trends is proof of versatility, I believe an ability to walk unchartered zones and still stay you is actually proof that you mastered your craft and control of your audience. Succumbing to trends can only destroy the originality in style of an artiste thereby creating genres like Reggae/Dancehall when both are very different genres. Our artistes therefore need to stay true to themselves, their styles and not just hop from genre to genre. Don Sigli is one of current crop of artistes who has stayed true to his kind of music and maintained relevance no matter which stage he is on.

Lack of ingenuity. (Your native language is not enough); Music lovers are constantly looking  for out of the box performers and musicians, this is because as humans we constantly strive to experience same or similar things in varied ways. This when brought into music can be a massive selling point for an artiste. King Ayisoba is busy travelling the world with his beloved Kologo and unique brand of music. How is he different from the many “world” artistes that the we’ve listened to? Well, he brought a unique musical instrument, fused it with a lot of other instruments and offered something different from all the other artistes. His collaboration with Mobeatz on the song “Me ka” is proof of his ingenious superiority. This then suggests that, our artiste need to adopt relevant elements of their various cultures to create a unique sound in their chosen genres. I would wanna hear an rnb tune over a xylophone, I would love to hear some dondo in our reggae songs. Yes, just be ingenious and you will reap fruits sweeter than mangoes.(lol…You get it right?)

We’ve allowed rivalry to gain roots in an industry that can only be said to be in it’s infantile stage. Many would cringe at the word infantile but that’s my assertion. Recently fans of Fancy Gadam and Macassio clashed resulting in broken windscreens etc. Why would two talented artistes be subject to such damning rivalry? If we do not have any immediate memories of the results of these “gangs” we might have to revisit the era of Tupac & Biggie, Game and Gunplay, and the many great artistes we’ve lost to unnecessary rivalry to understand the repurcussions of these rivalries often employed in an attempt to create hype. First off, there are enough fans for everybody to reach so there’s really no need to make play rivals when artistes are uniting to do amazing musical works.

An artiste who lacks the ability to fully comprehend the import of criticism is definitely bound to fail since they perceive anyone who critics as an enemy. Some of us have a penchant for looking beyond the surface of issues and works and so we would continue criticize hoping that it helps shape the arts in the savanna. Artistes and their management therefore need to desist from making enemies out of all who criticize and rather look at the issues presented. Your enemy doesn’t want you to succeed, but your critics urge you to reach higher and prove them wrong.

The numerous award schemes has created a career killing mafia since organizers accord themselves a god status because they covertly have an influence in deciding who deserves an award, a situation that has spread even to deejays and radio presenters. Deejays and radio presenters play a vital role in promoting music, so when they suddenly take sides, a number of things manifest–sidelining and continuously running down the efforts of acts they don’t support. This is done with concerted efforts so much so that it becomes evidently clear to the entire public. If indeed we want to see our music and art industry develop, we would need to stop playing God and give equal opportunity to all artistes we encounter.

We can do what we want to fit but that will not make us stand out yet we all agree standing out is the through case of master atistery.

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No Devil! Nanky shows how it’s done the Ampiano way with latest banger




Coming off the heat of several hit singles, Sultan Incorporated signee, Nanky isn’t yet satisfied and wouldn’t be quitting anytime soon as he injects another certified hit single; No Devil.

Over here on the West side of Africa, the Amapiano wave which emanated from the South all the way to the East of Africa is fast gaining grounds and making its way into the hearts of music lovers.

Hence, it wouldn’t be a complete endeavor if the gifted crooner, Nanky, doesn’t cement the process with his dope vocal skills and versatile flair as displayed on this tune.

Produced by the hitmaking music genius, Streetbeatz, the Amapiano infused instrumentation is just right for the message that No Devil carries.

The Cassette hitmaker is simply sounding a fair warning to all haters and enemies who wish to double-cross him on his level but he specifies that he is far gone and no devil can destroy his success.

This could quite be the story for every hustler out there striving to make ends meet and ascend the ladder of wealth!

Stream No Devil across all digital music platforms here –

Instagram: iamnanky
Twitter: @iamnanky
Facebook: Nanky

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Impressive! Ghanaian Rapper Dr. Pushkin Releases New App & Book ahead of “Outlandish” Album



Paul Azunre

Who is Dr. Pushkin?

Ingenious Dr. Pushkin, known in academia as Paul Azunre is a certified stunner par excellence. Having chalked immense success as an AI Prodigy, the Texas-based Ghanaian rapper employs his passion and area of study to further our civilization. Well-known for his contributions to advancing the state of Optical System Design Optimization Algorithms, the release of Khaya is a switch in direction.

What is Khaya?

Khaya is a mobile app that runs on Android, iOS and web. Its functionality amounts to preserving indigenous African languages. The App mainly allows for easy translation between mother-tongues. It also has a voice recognition feature that can do a voice-to-text transcription flawlessly.

While Dr. Pushkin and his fellow team members that developed the App strive to collect more data to facilitate the addition of more languages, the App currently carries out translation from English to Ga, Ewe, Twi, & Yoruba. It also allows translation between the aforementioned languages and English. Since the release of Khaya, many philologists and linguists have expressed the joy of an African seeking to preserve African languages. For the Khaya team made up of Algorine Inc and the Ghana Natural Learning Processing group, this is a dream come alive. The rare opportunity to give people an opportunity to learn, understand, and even speak an African language is beyond exhilarating.

Clearly, Dr. Pushkin intends to keep his being grounded in using AI and Music to change the social order.

Dr. Pushkin’s Book – Transfer Learning for Natural Language Processing

Nerdy Dr. Pushkin is probably a case worth studying. True hip-hop aficionados know that the ability to compose songs and verses with the kind of Dr. Pushkin’s depth does not come easy. Couching a theme, piecing the lyrics together, and arranging every aspect of the song to exude finesse and social consciousness is a defining factor for all respected rappers. If that’s not challenging enough, his work as an Artificial intelligence authority should take up all his time. However, the former Brilliant Science & Maths Quiz winner made time to finish another ground-breaking Book. The book is titled “Transfer Learning for Natural Language Processing”.

Obviously, his interests expressed through Khaya have an influence on this latest book. According to Dr. Pushkin, it’s been two years of hard work, but he finally received the first Hardcopy of “Transfer Learning for Natural Language Processing”, defining the experience as “surreal”. The always-smiling scientist made a post via his Facebook profile page.

“The book “Transfer Learning for NLP” is about the machine learning techniques for processing human speech currently taking the world by storm. Personally, I use them in my work with Ghana Natural Language Processing and Algorine for translation, speech transcription, etc, in my business analytics work, and even in my music. The number of applications is truly mind-blowing.”

Get a copy of Transfer Learning for Natural Language Processing

Hard copies and eBooks are available from Manning. The book will also be available on Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble starting August 31, 2021, with pre-order available now.

This very easy to read and practice book is published by Manning Publications.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel for video lectures, and other related content aimed at helping more young people starting out in these fields to take on the upcoming decade with confidence. Several other relevant links can be found via

As the man behind the development of an algorithm that can guarantee to find the “best possible design” to an optical design problem, Dr. Pushkin is definitely on a growth trajectory that satisfies the soul and enhances life.

Away from artificial intelligence and academic work, Dr. Pushkin has readied a music album for Hip Hop lovers. Having brought to the fore a kind of music that seeks to transform, and bring change, the Outlandish Dr. Pushkin album definitely promises to be a full bouquet of unique music experiences, and it is one to look forward to.


Akin to his music persona, this album features artistes whose prowess transcend entertainment. Call it an array of well-curated musicians with a touch of social awareness, and you won’t be faulted. Amongst the list of featured musicians are Ghana’s rap contortionist Budukusu, emerging Ghanaian silky voice Teri Wiizi, the ever-present Ataman Nikita, Muphasah, Kwadjo Spiri, Aggie, Kromanteng and AZA The Messenger.

Paul Azunre aka Dr. Pushkin, Nikita Tolkachev, Azkonnah and IV produced tracks on this artful collection of music. The album title speaks volumes – in an era where rap and hip hop has been criticized for being shallow and unoriginal, Dr. Pushkin promises to deliver something unique and special to us. The carefully crusted album has a track to touch each of us, to inspire and sustain us. That has always been the true nature of hip hop & rap.

The first track from the album – Rapinho – drops September 9th. It features a cameo from Loyaltexn. The second track – Hear Me Out, with Palermo-based Ghanain rapper Muphasah – is slated for September 23rd.

Dr. Pushkin is a Ghanaian Artiste of Gurune extraction currently based in Austin Texas, United States of America. He holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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A boss is a Boss; Double Tee initiates a trend…

Tamale has in recent times caused a lot of eyeballs to roll on Ghana music scene. This is as a result of the achievements of artistes like Fancy Gadam & Maccasio. Their successful self-titled, sold-out events have caused the Ghana Music Industry to listen to music beyond Accra. Whilst we celebrate their successes, we make room to accommodate new talents like Double Tee.



Double Tee
Photo: Shutterstock

Ghana Music Welcomes Double Tee

Tamale has in recent times caused a lot of eyeballs to roll on Ghana music scene. This is as a result of the achievements of artistes like Fancy Gadam & Maccasio. Their successful self-titled, sold-out events have caused the Ghana Music Industry to listen to music beyond Accra. Whilst we celebrate their successes, we make room to accommodate new talents like Double Tee.

The Double Tee Feat

The “Shie Ko Shie” hit maker Double Tee has chalked another feat best described as testing the ability team and street love. The Boss Family member staged a street Carnival on Wednesday 13th December as a surprise to fans. What makes the event news worthy is the fact that publicity on the event happened within 30minutes to the start of the show; surprisingly the turnout was beyond impressive. This feat can only be likened to the effects of a being major player on the rap scene in Tamale.

Who is Double Tee

Signed unto the Boss Family Record which houses SKY The Tamale Boy, DJ Ojah & One9ra, it remains no surprise the level of creativity Double Tee employed in delivering beautiful rap music to fans. Double Tee recently released a 6 epsiode Music-Film titled “Ahyi”, a piece that counsels people against hypocrisy. As a rap sensation, the wit in his lyrics albeit a flawless Dagbanli Flow is his claim to fame.

Ghana music is opening up and talents like Double Tee will make their input and earn their due. Let’s support Ghana music to grow.

Listen to songs by Double Tee

Gmaaa by Double Tee (Prod by DJ Ojah)

New Guy by Double Tee

Zoblazo By Double Tee Ft. One9ra

Araba by Double Tee Ft. Stone B

Dangerous by Double Tee

Konadu by Qwame Decash Ft. D. Cryme & Double Tee (Prod. by Osass)

Nzo Issah by Double Tee

Isso Labina (Remix) By Double Tee Ft. Maccasio

Wonder – Double Tee ft Article Wan

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