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Brand New! Dj Gizy, Teflon Flexx & Mani Mandela on one song




Dj Gizy continues to excite music lovers. What happens when three of the finest creatives combine forces? Nothing short of a thrill.

Dj Gizy
Dj Gizy

One of Upper East Region’s finest Deejays, Dj Gizy has released a lovely tune as part of his birthday celebrations. The song features Stew Gang’s Boss Teflon Flexx, and the man with the Northern Melodies, Mani Mandela. Titled My Love, it chronicles the desire to formerly win over a beautiful damsel. Performed in English & Buli, the two featured artistes present their wow sides to to compliment rhythmic and throbbing instrumentals.

Despite being frontiers of the new generation of Builsa born musicians, this is the first time they appear on a song together.

Enjoy this beautiful song.

Teflonn Flexx & Mani Mandela are perceived to have an unhealthy relationship, this feature by Dj Gizy could break the ice. Whatever was thought to exist is now diffused.

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B-Wayne and Dr Pushkin talk Graves in New Song




“Mankind is never satisfied, anything I touch them say I’m not Qualified…” B-Wayne


How Empty Grave by Dr. Pushkin and B-Wayne came about.

Empty Grave features one of the most prolific artists from the Upper East Region. This relationship originated from Dr Pushkin’s North2South event held in Bolgatanga. From a casual conversation about a collaboration, the two artists have produced an epic story-telling song that speaks to the hearts of all ambitious people.


Dr Pushkin’s Story-telling Music

As a storyteller, Dr Pushkin has used music to keep fans thinking right. He constantly releases music that resonates with resilience and the will to keep moving. Empty Grave comes on the heels of songs like “Winning,” No Heroes, No Go Go, Lies, Ambition, Did You Ever Think, and several evocating songs.

His forte is music that resonates with most people; thus, he focuses on not just the fun but also the wording. Thus, a collaboration with the one-time UEMA Artiste of the Year is a good offing, as both possess the drive to urge all to thrive.

The B-Wayne Effect

B-Wayne’s verse is typical of him. However, this time, he performs over a beat that is intricately Hip Hop, allowing the artiste to test his skill over something very different.

In Empty Grave, he brings his positive vibe and infectious melodies to life by weaving dexterously through the chorus and his verse. In effect, he is proving his worth as an artiste worthy of a front-row seat in the music business.

B-Wayne is an artiste from the Upper East Region of Ghana. He has honed his craft in anticipation of a significant break. His recent EP, “Stepping Stone,” solidified the singer’s stature after he released multiple singles in the last few years. Interestingly, every single release from this young artiste, who doubles as a Fire Officer by day, has received a lot of thumbs-up in the region.

Other Songs by B-Wayne

Some of his previous songs include the following.
On God
All Correct
My Turn
My World, as well as several other notable songs and collaborations.

Dr Pushkin’s 2024 on course

Empty Grave with Dr Pushkin brings to 4 the number of singles he’s released through his record label, Isolirium Entertainment, in 2024. The Khaya App developer has hinted at releasing two albums and several singles.

While being capable of holding his fort on the albums, he recognizes the importance of collaborating with other creatives. His singles with Lyrical Joe, Kojo Cue, Cj-Biggerman, and Taitan have received massive rotation already. Adding Empty Grave then gives curators of playlists a variety of songs to work with.

Dr Pushkin has remained relentless since the release of his Khaya App, Book, and Outlandish Album. He is poised to ensure his multi-faceted life can impact and impart to all.

Empty Grave is the song we all need when we realize there’s too much vile energy around us. It reminds us of who we are, what we are capable of doing, and the consequences of being unperturbed by naysayers.

The enemies can come as a cavalry, but they won’t win. For those who presume their damning mistreatment has a burial of your pursuits, they shall see an empty Grave.


According to Rev. Dr. Pushkin and B-Wayne, Empty Grave is the sermon. Listen to the gospel, and your life will never be the same.

The year is filled with opportunities for all go-getters.

“…In this graveyard of dreams…Yes, we must be brave to climb out of this Grave…” This is an excerpt from Dr. Pushkin’s verse on empty Graves.

Dr Pushkin and B-Wayne are artists representing the Upper East of Ghana. Their musical pursuits transcend the borders of Ghana. Their ambition is not just to conquer the World but to see fans happy and charged to succeed.

Empty Grave was produced by Dreamlife & Memory, Paul Azunre and Peewezel; Esi Hooper is the backing vocalist.

Stream Empty Grave below.

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Just Watch & Learn How to excel as a musician




How to dominate as a musician: Just Watch


Dr. Pushkin returns with another mind-buster; this time around, he recruits fellow rapper CJ Biggerman and singer Taitan. The three musicians take us on a musical swell that emanates from the heart, preaches reality, and admonishes a lacklustre attitude. Music isn’t just mumbled words; it’s melodious and creative words strung in a creative way for the purpose of communication. Just Watch

 Just Watch by Dr. Pushkin, Cj Biggerman, Taitan (

The music business is convoluted; however, there remain prying eyes who are best asked to “just watch.” In this classic piece of hip-hop, three “flowrators” express what makes them stand out despite not being popular. To these artists, music is from within, and so long as the spirit stirs, bangers like Just Watch are a serving that will continue to flow for fans.

If you are a lover of rap and hip-hop, you will probably remember Game’s It’s Okay (One Blood), featuring Junior Ried.

Taitan’s Work

Taitan Melodies brings that vibe to this well-crafted hip-hop song with an impressive reggae dancehall feel. Gritty, witty, and a well-thought-out pen game performed like a master, Taitan opens the song with the words:


“Ah, we dem ah watch.
Like Netflix, enuh
Watch this
Sumn fi yuh watch”.

 Just Watch (Dr. Pushkin, Cj Biggerman, Taitan) – LYRIC VIDEO (

More like speaking to the essence of being lyrically and musically superior in a way that warrants a “just watch.” The reggae and dancehall artist with an impressive catalog brought a new dimension to Dr. Pushkin’s music by way of style. Despite the fact that Just Watch is a hip-hop banger, Taitan’s vocal delivery complemented the awesome performances of CJ Biggerman and Dr. Pushkin. Taitan starts the song and ends it with a reminder of who an artist is. A resilient creative who ignores all vile commentary to remain focused on what is most important, i.e., the music.

CJ Biggerman’s Performance

CJ Biggerman has made waves many times on the Ghana rap scene. From appearing on Sarkodie’s Bibiba to accosting and dropping one of the illest freestyles to American rapper Rick Ross, the rapper has never slowed down.

When in 2022 and 2023 he became his mother Big Ivy’s number one hypeman, many may have thought the licenced-to-rap artist was slowing down. However, releases like Wabodam ft. Halfco Baby are a testament to this rapper’s awesomeness.

Jumping on Just Watch by Dr. Pushkin is an extension of superior rap antics that elicits every element of rap. He also emphasises the importance of staying true to his calling while reminding fans of his other exploits. Through the song, CJ Biggerman expresses the nonchalance associated with being on top of your game.

Dr Pushkin’s take

In Just Watch, the ingenious Dr. Pushkin takes his bars towards more puns and similes while insouciantly expressing his focus on his game as a rapper and tech entrepreneur. The sentiment expressed through Just Watch indicts the general treatment of artists who aren’t regarded as mainstream or big spenders. The situation where talents aren’t offered opportunities to push the music to the fans often bedevils the strides of many. However, the tried and tested method has been to keep dropping them bangers till they can’t ignore you.

Dr Pushkin’s 2024 Pursuits.

Just Watch is the 3rd song from Dr. Pushkin for 2024; it is worth noting that Dr. Pushkin is blessing pumped up and ready to bless 2024 with between 30 and 40 songs. He might just drop more.

Dr. Pushkin in 2024 has released No Heroes, featuring Lyrical Joe, and “No Go Go,” featuring Kojo-Cue. Both songs have received massive reviews from music critics.

Just Watch was produced by Dr Pushkin for Isolirium Entertainment.

In the next couple of weeks, another banger drops. In the meantime, stream Just Watch on all digital platforms below.

 Just Watch by Dr. Pushkin, Cj Biggerman, Taitan (

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This is Incredible – Kologo Fusion Sounds better



No-Go-Go-By-Dr-Puskin-Ft.-Ko-jo-Cue-&-Ataman-Nikita-(Artwork) - Kologo Fusion
No-Go-Go-By-Dr-Puskin-Ft.-Ko-jo-Cue-&-Ataman-Nikita-(Artwork) - Kologo Fusion
No-Go-Go-By-Dr-Puskin-Ft.-Ko-jo-Cue-&-Ataman-Nikita-(Artwork) – Kologo Fusion

 No Go Go by Dr. Pushkin, Ko-Jo Cue, Ataman Nikita (

Kologo Fusion is set to reign.

The talk about who wins a Grammy from Ghana has been a subject of debate for a long time. However, very little attention has been paid to the ingenious music being made by musicians without the A-list or Mainstream Tag. Artists like Wiyaala, Atongo Zimba, Worlasi, and others who stand out for their ingenuity are never considered potential winners. However, with the release of No Go Go! by Dr Pushkin ft. Ko-Jo Cue and Ataman Nikita, one may be tempted to ask, “What will it take to win a Grammy as a Ghanaian artist?”. Is it just attempting to fit into popular genres or using established genres as a footing to create imaginative, artful, and inventive music?

Ordinarily, most artists would be clamouring at the successful fusion of sounds that has the potential to birth a new genre or direction. However, when two talented creatives meet, the satisfaction is in bringing art and impact to the fore; such is the case of this masterpiece of a song. No No Go! It thrives on rhythmic percussion backed by the pleasing, incessant sound of the Kologo. In what Dr Pushkin calls “Kologo Fusion”, the genre is not just another attempt at creating something new but a conscious fusion of indigenous sound and musical instruments in popular music genres, offering a refreshing listenership to fans and music lovers.

Despite being a fun song, No Go Go is art-in-protest; the lyrics are a resounding reminder of the need to stand firm against the systematic failures of leadership. Time and again, Ghanaians have suffered instances where politicians use state institutions to shut up people who speak against the system’s wrongs. However, No Go Go! is a reminder to the powers that be about the relentlessness of the people despite the oppressive antics. It is a reminder that the people will match and protest till the wrongs become right.

Who else to recruit for such an experimental sound but Ko-Jo Cue? Kojo Amankwah Cue, better known as Ko-Jo Cue, has proven to be an amazing lyricist, storyteller, and voice for the voiceless. While he doesn’t pick up a megaphone to chant impactful messages, his music has always contained a full dose of serving as a person. It, therefore, came as no surprise when Dr Pushkin chose to collaborate with him on creating a beautiful song set to be the anthem for protests in Ghana and beyond. For a rapper whose album “For My Brothers” contains so much about life, he is well-experienced in life to put that to a beat.

Ataman Nikita, a brother to Dr Pushkin, also brought on his melodious voice to No Go Go with hooks and a chorus, giving the song a flawless transition from one point to another. His impressive vocals combined with the rap performances by Dr Pushkin and Ko-Jo Cue over the beautiful Kologo Fusion instrumental by AzkonnaBeatz has birthed No Go Go, a new sound capable of putting Ghana at the top of ingenious music production.

What is Kologo Fusion?

Kologo is the popular 2-string guitar found mostly amongst the Gurune-speaking ethnic groups of the Upper East Region. It has become a symbol of what truly exudes the musical culture of that particular ethnic group. The instrument is behind successful and ingenious artists like Atongo Zimba, King Ayisoba, Stevo Atambire and several traditional musicians from the Bolga area who are conquering the world with its unique sound.

Kologo Fusion is a blend of the musical instrument in popular music genres. While rap has likely been fused with it for decades, the current modern iteration of the sound can likely be traced to Soorebia’s “2 Strings” – a track produced by AzkonnaBeatz and featuring rapper Akan. Artists Wanlov The Kubolor and Stevo Atambire have also contributed immensely through their collective “Alostmen” and their unique brand of Rap. No Go Go! is the first of Dr. Pushkin’s fusion songs, and we can expect several more to appear on the album, including one with Stevo Atambire.

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